How To Delay Ejaculation And Enjoy Sex That Truly Lasts (2 Powerful Tips For Sensational Stamina)


Do you feel frustrated about your lack of sexual stamina?

Do you always ejaculate too quickly and feel utterly embarrassed about it?

Do you worry that your woman is seeking pleasures elsewhere just because you don’t measure up in bed?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, do not fret.

You are NOT the only one who feels that way.

In fact, as many as forty percent of men regularly suffer from premature ejaculation – so you are in good company!

But that does not mean things have to stay that way. There are specific things you can do to improve your staying power and keep premature ejaculation at bay. Let’s take a quick and insightful look at the 2 tips below.

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#1 – “It is OKAY to stop”

There is no need to rush yourself during sex. Take things slow and enjoy the moment. Most men start thrusting right out of the gate during intercourse and wonder why they cannot prevent an early climax.

There is a correlation between how fast you pump and how soon you climax, because quick penetration causes the sensitive nerves on your penis glans to be over-stimulated. The trick is to STOP all movement as soon as you sense “the point of no return” approaching.

It may take some practice to get this right, and you may spill accidentally. That is okay, because with enough practice, you will know exactly when to stop. When the arousal drops down a few notches and you feel you are in control again, you may resume penetration.

#2 – “Muscular Chill-out”

Do you notice how the muscles in your buttocks, abs, thighs and pelvis begin to tighten and feel tensed as you approach an orgasm? To prevent an ejaculation from taking place, try to completely relax those muscles.

The muscle in the pelvis, particularly the PC or pubococcygeus muscle is the most important one that you want to pay special attention to. It is the one that directly governs ejaculation and how long you last during sex. Specific exercises such as Kegels can help strengthen this set of muscles and significantly improve your ability to relax them and prevent an early ejaculation.

Because men are generally hardwired to ejaculate fast, keeping your core muscles completely relaxed during sex may feel counter-intuitive at first. But the more you practice, the more it will become second nature to you.

Premature ejaculation can be naturally and completely reversed with the right strategies, without the need to rely on any of the pills, creams or sprays that you see on the market. Try these two tips for a start and you will soon see a dramatic improvement in your sexual endurance!