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Ketogenic Success | Ketogenic Diet Fast Weight Loss | Stories Of The Ketogenic Success | The Success Of The Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet Fast Weight Loss The ketogenic diet has been around the Internet very effective. Nutritionists, doctors, athletes and even celebrity endorsers. The ketogenic success stories flooded in social media. There are lots of Instagram posts, showing the “before and after” photos of people who lost weight doing keto diet. Looking at these pictures is truly inspirational.

Not only online, but the stories of the ketogenic success also decorate various magazines. Participate in the life and health magazines in some cases, the ketogenic diet probably gained a lot of followers.

Of course, in every story, there will be drama and people who will not be happy in others ‘ successes. From reading for a lot of information about the ketogenic diet, I noticed that most people who write negatively about this phenomenon was the writers of the blog who are avid followers of endorsers and other types of diets.

Ketogenic Success, Yes!

The Success Stories Ketogenic I can’t help but be struck by the vast number of success stories. In the “then and now” photos are my favorite. One thing I noticed about these people except better looking, is that they look younger after keto. Wow! That was my first reaction. And then it dawned on me that I want to do it too. I want to go keto. I want to lose weight, feel healthy and to look good. Now how do I start?

Well, I read a lot and learn about ketogenic diet, its origin, concept etc. I firmly believe that if you want to be successful in any endeavor you want to enter, you must be prepared for the upcoming battle. So I educate myself. I know all sides and the color of the ketogenic diet and ketosis, their pros and cons and all the advice I can muster.

Enlightened me! And reading below, surely the history of the ketogenic success, as I do, you’ll be convinced.

The History Of The Ketogenic Success

Julia’s Life

I have been overweight for 28 years, it’s my whole life. Many people hurt me when I was younger because of my weight. It caused me a lot of stress and anxiety, which eventually turned into an eating disorder. This has led to weight gain, turning me from overweight to obesity at 5’4” and weighing nearly 200 kg. Simple chore takes a lot of energy. I’ve done almost every diet out there and shakes and formulas, but no success.

When I learned about the keto diet, I couldn’t believe that it’s true. Imagine I can still eat fat during your diet. I will not last for a week during my first attempt because I just can’t give up soda and donuts. This is my homemade food.

I was put in the hospital last year because of weight related condition. It scared me that I could die. And I’m not even 30 yet! I have not had a boyfriend. No one asked me to go to this dance. I don’t get flowers from a fan, doesn’t feel like to be in a relationship to be hugged/kissed. But I have experienced love. The saddest thing, however, was that the object of my love did not know that I exist.

I hit myself and screamed, “You will not be getting any younger, you gain more weight, you are sick, and you’re sad!” Having said that, I convinced myself to give the keto diet another try. I’m glad I did.

My two months results in 50 days ketosis:

  • First of all, I have lost 36 pounds.
  • In addition, 8” lost around my body.
  • Lowered BMI by 6 points.
  • 1% change of fat content in the body.
  • My mood and attention improved.
  • Need to sleep better.
  • In addition, I no longer feel depressed.
  • I feel more energetic.
  • Besides, I can walk very far without leaving breath.
  • Finally, I can get out of bed, not turning to the side first.

160 pounds, is the lightest I’m at school. They asked what was my motivation for doing. I said I love myself. I will continue with my keto diet even after I reach my ideal weight.

Ketogenic Diet SuccessThe icing on the cake, I invited my colleague for a date… Nah! I’m just kidding. Actually, I don’t care if nobody asks me. I feel good and happy.

The fact that people in keto say is true. You will not only lose weight, but you will also feel good about yourself, making you the best version of myself.

Ketogenic Success | Ketogenic Diet Fast Weight Loss | Stories Of The Ketogenic Success | The Success Of The Ketogenic Diet