Stop Premature Ejaculation Now! These 3 Surefire Tactics Will Make You Last Longer in Bed!


Are you having problems lasting long enough in bed?

There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it.

There are far more men out there who ejaculate too early during sex, so you are certainly not alone.

And there is certainly a lot you can do to stop your premature ejaculation problems, fulfill the woman in your life and totally transform your sex life.

If you look around, you’d probably notice a ton of pills, portions and sprays that claim to work wonders and promise that you will go on for hours during sex. Truth is, these solutions are only temporary quick fixes that don’t nip the problem in the bud.

Worst still, many of these products are known to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, or even reduce your sensitivity to arousal.

Well, doesn’t that defeat the pleasures of sex? You bet!

Well, read on for 3 useful tips that work far better than those fad solutions you see in the marketplace. Once you master these, you will last much longer and enjoy sex much better. Read on…

#1 – Switch up your routines:

The key is in knowing when to stop. I know, it’s easy to get carried away and let the sensations rule over you. But if you want to pleasure her as much and don’t disappoint her, stop before you reach the Point of No Return (PNR). Once you reach the PNR, there’s no stopping you from ejaculation, even if her grandma walks into the room! So before you reach that point, remove your penis and switch to stimulating her with your fingers or perform oral sex on her.

#2 – Control your breathing:

Take in deep breaths. By concentrating on your own breathing, you are drawing yourself away from the pleasurable sensations during intercourse. With enough practice, this will “hold you back” much longer.

#3 – Focus on her instead:

Here’s the truth. The reason why you want to prolong your orgasm is so that you can fulfill her sexually, don’t you? So if you’re climaxing too early, it helps a great deal if you’ll just focus on pleasuring her FIRST. Stimulate her with some extensive foreplay. Tease her “hot spots” with your hands and fingers. Even oral sex alone can bring her to an orgasm before you even start the actual deed!

There’s no need to feel sorry for yourself just because you’re not lasting long enough for her. With these simple tips on hand, you can start becoming the man you always wanted to be, full of fun and confidence… and totally rock her world in bed!