Tips To Prevent Early Ejaculation – Use This Simple 2-Step Strategy To Develop AMAZING Stamina!


Is it really possible to fix premature ejaculation and start enjoying sex without the embarrassment of finishing too soon?

Or is PE an unfortunate stigma that you have to deal with for a lifetime? Want the truth?

Premature ejaculation can be completely treated.

But most men go about doing it the WRONG way.

They get exploited by companies peddling the latest products that claim to give them sensational stamina overnight.

The simple truth is, the best and most effective ways to beat PE and start enjoying transformative sex is often free, completely natural and require just a little commitment on your part.

Let us take a closer look at this simple 2-step strategy that will boost your sexual stamina and banish early ejaculation.

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Step 1 – “Plateau Prolongation”

Getting a grip on your own sexual arousal cycle is the first step towards enjoying sex that lasts. Typically in the Excitement Stage, your breathing quickens as your erection develops. This moves into the Plateau Stage where your erection becomes full and you are highly stimulated.

As your arousal escalates, involuntary contractions occur in the pelvic area and you shift into the “point of no return” (PNR) where ejaculation is inevitable. After the orgasm, your erection subsides in the Resolution Stage and your breathing and heart rate return to normal.

In order to enhance your stamina, you need to be able to stay in the Plateau Stage for as long as you desire, without boiling over into the PNR. This means your sexual arousal stays in a constant continuum.

Step 2 – “Remove And Replace”

But how do you stay in the Plateau phase without tipping over too soon? This is where the “remove and replace” principle can be extremely helpful. You simply “remove” yourself from the state of sexual bliss and “replace” it with the fulfillment of your partner’s sexual needs FIRST.

The vast majority of guys get themselves into the wrong footing by rushing into penetration. This only serves to heighten their own arousal too much, too soon. And because women need FAR more time to get aroused, it really is important to give your partner her due attention first.

Pleasure every single inch of her body; invoke sensuous palpitations from her by teasing, caressing and stroking her hot spots. This not only buys you a LOT more time in bed, it significantly lowers a woman’s orgasmic threshold so that she can achieve an orgasm much faster.

Don’t let premature ejaculation turn your sex life topsy-turvy. Put these two tips into practice, start lasting longer and give her the sensational sex you know she deserves!